The Final Taxol Treatment

The morning started with an appointment with Dr’s Livingston and Viscusi.  The redness in the breast had continued and the pain was starting to become overwhelming.  More prescriptions were given for Oxycontin and Oxycodone.

Dr. Viscusi was concerned with the redness in the breast and suggested another biopsy, along with an MRI.  Dr. Livingston said he never says no to that suggestion and it was scheduled for February 2.

After the meeting, the final Taxol treatment took place and the nurses had a nice ceremony at the end of the treatment.  They blew bubbles and gave Theresa a certificate of completion.  However, with what was going on, the smiles from both of us were forced.


Not Sure This Is Fat Necrosis

All throughout December and into January, the pain continued to get worse.  A needle biopsy was conducted with negative results.  All the while, the Taxol treatments continued.

By this time, there was a noticeable disfigurement of the breast and an appointment was made with Dr. Larson.  The purpose was to get his opinion if this fat necrosis could be stopped and reconstructed, or were we better off doing a mastectomy.  This appointment was on February 2, 2016.